Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. 


 SureFire manufactures the world's finest flashlights, weapon lights, sound suppressors, and tactical gear for the military, law enforcement, and the civilian.


 Peltor™ Sport began more than 50 years ago and boasts a broad selection of personal safety products designed for shooters and hunters, from tactical hearing protection and earplugs to eye protection.


 NRA is America's longest-standing civil rights organization, nearly 150 years old. Its mission is to protect your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and protect our country's hunting and shooting traditions.


CZ-USA is a manufacturer, distributor and importer of fine firearms. It carries a full line of pistols, rifles, shotguns and accessories.


 Develops & Manufactures the most advanced lightweight body armor in the world. | Military Grade. American Made™.


 Leica scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders are made for people who want to experience their environment with immediate intensity – rather than from a distance. Use only the finest equipment. 


 Enjoy a lifetime of adventurous, more satisfying cooking. Wolf distills legendary professional heritage, power and finesse into cooking equipment whose precise control ensures the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table. 


 Supporting the Second Amendment and shooting sports since 1875. Every dollar CRPA receives stays in California to fight for your Second Amendment and hunting rights.


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